In English it's Called a Farmer's Market

Mercado del Campesino Celebrates Local Culture and Food

The Mercado del Campesino, a monthly Colombian farmer's market showcasing the local produce, handicrafts, and culture of Puerto Carreño, took place on Saturday, July 1, 2023 at the Gloria Lara Park in front of the Police Station and Regional Hospital. For me it brought back memories of home at the New Castle County Farmers Market (a huge venue compared to this). I am looking forward to the next Mercado del Campesino already, it is a good place to get to know the community.

Sergio Fuentes of the Piaroa, talks about Indigenous medicinal preparations
using recipes passed down by shamans over the centuries.

The market was abuzz with activity as vendors from all over Puerto Carreño set up their stalls. Visitors could find a wide variety of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, live plants, locally-made cookies and pastries, artisan foods, traditional handicrafts, and even wine made from the marañon fruit. In addition to the market stalls, there were also live performances of traditional music and dance. The Joropo is a traditional dance of the Llanos said to have originated in Puerto Carreño (below).

Indigenous Products from the Orinoco

Luis Herrera of Artesanías El Mohán; owner of an Indigenous art gallery said he was pleased with the turn-out and the atmosphere, saying, "it is a good way to network and meet people that would not normally stop at the store." 

Visitors could also learn about the local culture and history from the many Indigenous people who were in attendance. There were several booths selling handmade Indigenous items however there was only one Indigenous exhibitor from the Piaroa ethnic group (pictured above).

The Mercado del Campesino is a great way to experience the local culture and cuisine of Puerto Carreño. It will be held on the first Saturday of every month, so be sure to mark your calendar and check it out! Announcements should circulate two weeks in advance of each event, there is a maximum of 30 standard exhibits and there will be some accomodation for expansion.

Here are some additional details:

  • The market is organized by the local government.
  • It is a free event, and everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Exhibits are professionally prepared.
  • The market is open from 7am to 2pm.
  • The next market will be held on Saturday, August 5, 2023.

You can find more information about the market on the Facebook page of the Alcaldía de Puerto Carreño. We will be at the next event too, we are encouraging additional artisans and will provide better coverage once we have a social media editor. 

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